20 Stellar Hard Money Lenders Across the U.S.

    These Top 20 Companies Provide Hard Money Loans Hassle Free

Searching For A Low Interest, Hard Money Loan?
If you’re looking for a hard money loan, whether residential or commercial, the companies listed below offer innovative solutions and flexible financing so you can quickly and efficiently get the hard money loan you require to complete your next project. They have the experience, the knowledge, and the resources to help you achieve your goals.
Kenwood Mortgage Investments – Arizona 480-783-8800

Century Capital Partners – New York/New Jersey 877-335-5464

G8 Capital – California 949-545-6996

Carolina Hard Money – Carolinas  – 803-831-2262

Riverdale Funding – Wisconsin – 888-368-4983

BridgeInvest – Florida – 786-471-1152

RCN Capital – Tennessee – 860-432-5858

Seattle Funding Group – Washington – 425-381- 2235

KCInvestor Funding – Kansas – 816-916-4593

Wallace Capital – Maine – 617-423-2003

Bridgewell Capital – Virginia – 866-500-4500

Maryland Acc Mortgage – Maryland – 877-353-2233

Raymond C. Green Companies – Massachusetts – 617-859-4599

Wasatch Private Money – Utah – 801-618-4643

First Link Capital – Pennsylvania – 866-927-7519

Pinnacle Mortgage – Texas – 817-647-5640

Lending Home Corporation – Michigan – 855-408-7694

Direct Investors – Nevada – 702-228-0015

Hard Money Lending – Ohio – 800 – 589-2989

Windvest Corporation – Oregon – 877-285-0777



    • Hi Robert, please call me directly to discuss.

      George Faham
      Century Capital Partners
      212-873-2200 Ext. 109

  1. May I make a suggestion?
    You should clearly state that hard money loans are for “non-owner occupied” 1 to 4 family homes. There are no Hard-Money programs for owner occ homes available in America today that I know of. Hard-Money loans are for RE investors who “fix and flip” (or refi). They do not occupy these properties.

  2. Good to have a list of other states with legitimate Hard Money Lenders/Brokers. Kevin Clark mentions there are no Owner Occupied financing but this is NOT True. My family owned & operated Hard Money company for over 28 years is licensed for and offers Owner Occupied Financing: Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate. We are located in Santa Rosa, CA – northern California and are licensed for this entire state. Feel free to call me 707-523-2099 or check out our website and email us through that: http://www.Sunpacmortgage.com

    Best, Forest – The Guy in the White Hat

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